We know what we’re doing, kinda.

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We’re building an app called Sound Off. We’ll make it easier than ever to take time to reflect. It’s a little like keeping mindful voice notes.

Things are moving slow and fast all at once. Here’s the breakdown…


Before everything, we spent a few months defining our brand. Launching Sound Off was always going to involve a lot of talented people around the world. We chose to take time to set the tone early on. We wanted a cool, refined and timeless look. We’re stoked with our speech marks icon, taken from the ff at the end of our Sound…

The voice journal app is almost ready for your feedback

Hello! Firstly, a huge thanks for signing up for early access to the Sound Off app via the Medium publication. Sound Off is an app that encourages you to sound off in the form of daily voice notes.

There’s a very very early version of the app that’s ready for your feedback. Complete this thirty-second form below so you can receive an early version of the app:


This info is required to be manually added to the build.

Audio Journal Apps Boost Saving & Spending

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Sounding off is a little like keeping an audio journal. All you do is open up the app, hit the sound off button and sound off about your day. I wrote in the past about how audio journaling can help you meet your goals. Elly often writes about the psychological benefits of audio journaling. A practical benefit I soon discovered was its impact on my relationship with money.

I, like many, became interested in minimalism and the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community back in 2020. …

My News Years Resolution ft. Audio Journal Apps

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I started sounding off during the first lockdown of 2020, and it changed everything. Sounding off is a little like keeping an audio journal. All you do is take out your phone, hit record, and sound off about your day.

It’s fun, easy, and it tricks your mind into processing all those thoughts and feeling you’ve been putting off. Along with fooling your brain into holding yourself accountable. Elly writes a lot about the psychological benefits of audio journaling. Spoiler: there are many scientific benefits, and it’s way easier than keeping a written journal.

I’m a big fan.

Three ways I will audio journal my way through 2021…

Anytime, Anywhere

I love…

Here’s a barely used trick that works a like a charm

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I’m not a fan of all those targeted ads that sell you mind-blowing courses to ensure you meet your goals. I tap away immediately and wonder what on earth I liked on Instagram that day to mess up my algorithm.

I went to spin class once. My Ex convinced me to go together with her cousin, who was training to be an instructor. Her cousin was a no show, and it was a strange and somewhat entertaining experience. …

Here’s what you need to know about iPhone voice journal apps

An image from the sound off voice journal app of a neon harbour at night.
An image from the sound off voice journal app of a neon harbour at night.
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Reader: Hey, what’s an audio journal, Rory?

Rory: It’s a little like a written diary, but with voice notes.

Reader: Do you ever listen back to them?

Rory: Nope, maybe one day but for now I simply sound off each day.

Reader: Do I have a name, or do I need to be called Reader?

Rory: You can have a name mate, what name do you want?

Steve: Steve.

Rory: Sorted.

Here’s What I Found After 30 Days

It got less awkward.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t awkward at first. Talking out loud takes some getting used to. You also need to dodge that tiny urge to listen…

How to keep a voice journal with an App?

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During U.K. Lockdown One, I began keeping an audio journal. It helped tremendously. I always wanted to keep a written journal but never had the right pen or notebook and I worried about my spelling and my grammar and my handwriting and that my sentences might just go on and on endlessly. Audio journaling gracefully side-steps all these barriers — you simply open your phone, hit record and sound off.

Science says you should journal, so give audio journaling a go with these handy tips:

1. Don’t Listen Back

It’s a funny urge that’s unique to audio journaling. When you write a diary entry…

A Simple Trick to Spotting Great Ideas

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I write television, mostly. I wouldn't say I’m a great writer. At best, I’m a good storyteller. Over my seven years in TV, I’ve fine-tuned a simple trick for knowing when you’re onto something. It goes as follows:

Step 1: Tell Everyone Your Idea

And I mean everyone, don’t discriminate. Tell people you trust, people you hate, people's kids, grandparents, and strangers. Tell people you know will hate your idea, or never in a million years use or watch it. You’re gonna want a wide pool of people in order for Step 2 to be effective. Oh and don’t worry, ideas are worthless and people are…

Here’s how I did it.

Midnight. It’s 2018. I welcome the New Year sharing a Hot Tub with my Best Friend. We swiftly remind ourselves of the many highs and lows of 2017. And then move on to our New Years Resolutions. I only have one this year, it’s a simple one: “2018 will be The Year of Making Shit.”

Making Shit - (/ˈmeɪkɪŋ/ /ʃɪt/)

The subtle art of making all kinds of “shit” into reality. E.g. Books, Movies, Products, Music, TV Shows, 1,000 piece puzzles.

Only Ideas is available at www.onlyideasbook.com

Why a Book? Honestly, a book seemed achievable. I knew I could write one and I realised I could design it and self-publish. One…


Sound Off Co-Founder. Telly, Board Games and Magic Writer.

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